Some people love exercise and others hate it, but it is often finding one you enjoy. We look at the style of exercise that best fits into your lifestyle. Do you prefer quick short bursts of exercise, as you have limited time or longer less intensive exercise? Both work, but most important is finding something you can stick with and enjoy. 

We have many people say they can't exercise due to health reasons but then realise there are forms of exercise they can do which has helped improve their health conditions and enabled them to do more. 

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Fitness Packages For all ages and abilities


Fitness Plans

If you are unfit and want some advice and guidance on getting fitter and healthier then our Fitness Plan can help. We meet with you for a face to face consultation to learn what you wish to achieve, your current capabilities and any equipment or gym you may use, we then design a fitness plan for you to follow in your own time. 


If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, heart conditions or other health related issues we can help you improve your symptoms through gentle exercise and nutrition. 

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1-1 Personal Training session

If you wish to be motivated then, our 1 to 1 training sessions are ideal. 

These can be as often as you wish and can cover anything from weight loss, healthy weight gain, muscle gain, to general fitness improvement. 

The sessions are designed to push and motivate you to achieve your goals by encouraging you to push that little bit harder. 

We have a small private gym that covers the needs of most people so you won't be distracted or waiting for machines. 

We do offer discounts to pensioners of £10 per hour on 1-1 sessions

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I'm so unfit and overweight can you help? 

Yes we can help either through our fitness plans or our 1 to 1 training. We can combine these with our nutrition plans to help you get the best deal possible and reach your goals. 

What if I can't do an hours training as I'm so unfit?

Before we start any sessions we go through your health and fitness and build an idea of your abilities. We then go through this with you and adapt it if we need to. Most people are fitter than they think and can manage light exercise for the time allocated. 

Can I combine a fitness and nutrition plan? 

Yes all of our plans can be mixed and we have had people have counselling and hypnotherapy alongside fitness and nutritional plan. Once people realise what has been holding them back they have something to prove and push harder towards their goals.

Do you only focus on weight training?

No, we offer and focus on exercises and fitness that you enjoy and tailor the plans to your likes. This can be HIIT, Crossfit, Cardio, Sports, Weights, Martial Arts or a mixture. 

Why is nutrition so important?

What we eat affects our whole body and we can not function to the best of our ability if we don't give our bodies the correct amounts of nutrients. Both our mental and physical health are impacted by our what we eat.