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What we eat is vital to how our bodies work. If we fuel it with the correct foods, in the right amounts, it will work to its full potential and prevent us suffering from health related illnesses such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Joint pain and some Cancers.

Nutritional Packages

Intolerance/ Nutritional testing


This is for those who may have an intolerance to certain foods or may be lacking certain Vitamins and Minerals which could be contributing to poor health. 

Our consultations work on a 3 stage process: 

Stage 1 - Consultation to find out any issues you may be having and what we can do to help. 

Stage 2 - Fill out the forms and send the intolerance testing using a hair sample,  talk about food plans that fits your lifestyle, budget and preferences. 

Stage 3 - A follow up consultation in 1-2 weeks to collect and talk through your results. We can talk about how lifestyle may be impacting on your health, a supplement plan if necessary and information on specific health issues if needed. 

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Weight Loss Plans


These plans works on a six week program of 1 session a week. 

The initial Consultation lasts around an hour and we go through your aims and what you wish to achieve. We go through foods you currently eat, alternatives and ask you to keep a food diary for 7 days. We take your current weight, measurements, body fat etc to show your progress over the coming weeks. 

The following sessions cover any problems you may have had during the week, along with exercises we can add in and alternative foods. We mark your progress and retake measurement to help you see your improvements. The plan advises exercise in any format you wish and we go through the best ones for your lifestyle. 

Our weight loss plan is designed to help you lose weight in a safe and sensible manner. We are not teaching you a diet but a lifestyle change and hope to educate you on foods and how they fuel your body. 

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